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My Story

My experience of Chronic Pain began after a fall from a horse when I was 13 years old. What followed was a 13 year period in and out of hospitals and GP surgeries, on and off prescription medications, cortisone injections and to and from all manner of complementary therapists including chiropractors, physiotherapists, homeopaths, Reiki healers amongst many more to try and heal my back and hip pain.  My family and I spent TENS of THOUSANDS of pounds and countless hours trying to find a diagnosis and a treatment that actually worked. I was desperate.

It 'ruined my dreams' of being a professional athlete, it ruined momentus occasions, it tainted happy moments and affected my life every single day. It terrified me and it confused me and it frustrated me.  In my very early 20's I saw a highly acclaimed chiropractor in Harley Street, London who told me without treatment I wouldn't be walking by the time I was 30. I was beside myself. ​

I then found a coach who introduced me to the the concept of Neuroplasticity and Modern Pain Science. Without laying a hand on me and with guidance, education, mindset coaching and a plan that allowed me to gradually expose my Nervous System to the idea that it didn't need to be in pain I was able to rehabilitate myself. It has now been more than 15 years and I have never had back or hip pain since.

In 2021 my life changed dramatically when I suffered a rare medical condition called a Spontaneous Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak.  This condition is where the protective membrane that surrounds the spinal cord and brain becomes torn and the fluid that helps to cushion the brain in the skull leaks out due to gravitational pull when you sit or stand up. Your brain slumps in the skull and as it does so it creates a number of symptoms including a headache that is unlike any other you have every experienced, nausea, blurred vision, dizziness amongst others.  Every time you sit or stand.  


I had to crawl around my house on my hands and knees so I could keep my head down.


I had to eat my meals off the floor or through a straw lying flat on my back.


 For 2 years I lived with this condition... And in doing so I STUNNED medical professionals by being able to function in a way that they hadn't seen before. That hadn't been thought possible given the nature of the condition and how most people were simply bed bound.  


The solution was to have major spinal surgery which involved removing sections of my spinal column to access the spinal membrane, patch and glue the damaged area and fix the spine with metal rods and screws.  The tear in the membrane was 1cm wide, one of the largest the surgeon had ever seen and it meant the leaking of spinal fluid was extremely fast which made my ability to not just sit up but be able to stand and work and function, albeit with symptoms, all the more remarkable.


 How did I manage to live with such a debilitating condition for so long so well?  Using the principles I teach in my programs and YOU too can learn how your brain can heal your pain. 

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