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Welcome to VandaVenta

Are you READY to learn how your BRAIN can heal your pain and change your life?


Helping people overcome Chronic Pain and transform their mindset is my life's work and my true passion. 

Over nearly 2 decades I have cultivated an unparalleled selection of coaching programs that maximises your own ability to create miracles. 


Choose from our selection of courses designed to help you live the life of your dreams. All courses are taught by Vanda, an expert in the fields of neuroplasticity and modern pain science.


Vanda is a Therapist and Chronic Pain Specialist of nearly 20 years.

Having not only overcome her own Chronic Pain, she has helped thousands surpass their wildest expectations and become pain free and be the best version of themselves. 


As a Therapist, Human Movement Specialist and Transformational Coach of nearly 20 years I have helped 1000's of people overcome their expectations and recover from injury and pain, anxiety and depression.


My own journey with Chronic Pain started after a fall from a horse as a teenager and 13 years of confusion before my life changed and I discovered Neuroplasticity and the power of the brain. 


More recently I suffered from a rare medical condition called a Spontaneous Cerebral Spinal Fluid Leak and required major spinal surgery and metal work in to my spine. I had the opportunity to stun medical professionals with my ability to function with such a debilitating condition using the principles I teach.


More importantly however, I have been able to provide a deeper, more compassionate understanding of and ability to help those suffering with a wide range of Chronic Pain Conditions and help them take back control of their health and their lives. 

Wave goodbye to a life frustrated by pain, fear and frustration! .jpg

Wave goodbye to a life frustrated by pain, fear and frustration!


Cutting edge information and strategies in the field of Modern Pain Science.


Scientifically backed Nervous System Regulation techniques.


Mindset and motivation, goal setting and nurturing, strategic support and exposure in ways unrivaled in the Chronic Pain space.


Inspiration and accountability from nurturing like-minded people.


Whatsapp support from Vanda


Teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know to change your brain and step in to the life you truly love.


"I would definitely recommend Vanda. She helped me with debilitating pain and changed my life"


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